Are you looking for effective and profitable advertising?

Are you trying to reach out the community consisting of Programmers and companies owners, Team Lead  & SS Engineer and passionates? You’re in the right place. No matter what kind of information you’d like to deliver them, we will help you with it. In general our advertising offer includes:

  • putting a banner on our web
  • putting an ad in our magazine
  • making a special issue dedicated to company
  • sending an e-mail blasts to our database
  • posting articles/announcements on our web in various sections
  • making/publishing a review of some of your products
  • making special Workgroup and Enterprise subscriptions including advertising + up to unlimited number of free subscriptions to Software Developer’s Journal

Magazine Advertisement

If you are interested in this option, please write MAGAZINE ADVERTISEMENT at

Website Advertisement

Website Advertisement is the best way for any company to increase its visibility on the Internet. It is quick and reliable.
Software Developer’s Journal offers two different options:

  • Main Page Advertisement
  • Subpage Advertisement

Software Developer’s Journal is very flexible and can adjust its offer to your company.
If you are interested in this option, please write WEBSITE ADVERTISEMENT at

Dedicated Email Blast

If you are interested in this option, please write DEDICATED BLAST at

Product Review

Are you a software developer? Have you designed a new device? You want to get your product the popularity it deserves?
If you do, the Product Review option is what you need.
If you want to reach highly targeted audience of professionals, pentesters, security engineers, auditors, IT managers of big vulnerable-data-holder companies, you should publish your review in PenTest Magazine.
You can choose 2 options:

  1. Provide us with a piece of your software/device and with commercial licence for using it. Our betatester(s) will try it out and write a review (the review will be consulted with you before the publication).
  2. Send us your own review and provide us with your software/device and with at least one commercial licence for using it. Our betatester(s) will try it out and we will consult their opinion with you. Then we will publish the review (updated if necessary).

Apart from the highly targeted audience, what you gain from publishing your product review in Software Developer’s Journal Magazine, is world wide promotion of your product and company, supported by the authority of our Magazine and the reviewer who, as a professional, will be able to explore and present all the most interesting and powerful features your distro has.
What is more, you can use the product review originally published in Software Developer’s Journal as a strong point in your promotion strategy. You can use the review cutting as a separate, objective publicity or present it to your clients in the issue it appears in. There are many options, and the only one limit is our imagination.
The regular price of product review publication is 500 USD.
If you are interested in this option or if you want more details, please write PRODUCT REVIEW at

Dedicated Issue

If you are interested in this option, please write DEDICATED ISSUE at


If you are interested in this option, please write PATRONAGE at

Media Partnership

Software Developer’s Journal Magazine is always open for new cross-promotion possibilities.
If you would like to increase your initiative awareness and to broaden its audience, then you definitely should consider adding Software Developer’s Journal Magazine to your Media Partners. Why?
Because with Software Developer’s Journal Magazine, you get your information delivered to highly targeted group of professionals and enthusiasts directed to gaining and sharing knowledge, experience, and innovative ideas.
What we can offer you is:

  • dedicated email blasts/newsletter posts;
  • magazine advertisement;
  • website banner/advertisement;
  • website listing among PenTest Partners;
  • social media activity;
  • press release/event summary publication;

Please, note that the conditions of each partnership are negotiated individually.
If you are interested in this option, please write MEDIA PARTNERSHIP at

Subscription and advertising combo?

We offer subscription and advertising combos. This offer includes two options:

  1. Workgroup combo
  2. Corporate combo

How does it work like?

Corporate/workgroup combo is a great offer for companies, as it offers unlimited number of subscriptions (corporate)/20 subscriptions (workgroup), which i.e. can be used as an attractive add-on to your products, or a kind of a gift for your employees. Except of subscription offering, the Corporate/Workgroup combo pack also includes annual advertising plan.

Corporate subscription includes:

  1. Unlimited no of annual individual subscriptions (corporate)/20 individual subscriptions (workgroup) to be distributed in the way you like – each week we publish about 50 pages of SD content.
  2. One year access to all our archival issues of SDJ magazine for all the subscriptions within the pack.
  3. Advertising in SDJ magazine, which includes:
    • Two full page ads in a month – 24 in a year (corporate) / one full page ads in a month – 12 in a year (workgroup), worth $1000 each
    • Two posts in a newsletter in a month – 24 in a year (corporate) / one post in a newsletter in a month – 12 in a year (workgroup) – up to 250 words + hyperlinked logo, worth $300 each
    • Bimonthly e-mail blasts bimonthly – 6 in a year (corporate) / Quarterly e-mail blast  – 4 in a year (workgroup), worth $1000 each

The cost of workgroup combo is $ 5900 and the cost of corporate combo is $ 35000. No additional costs.

For more information, please contact via email at: