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Improving Cassandra’s Uptime with Virtual Nodes. SDJ Apache Cassandra Issue.

January 15, 2013

The fresh and new issue of Software Developer’s Journal is out now!
This time it’s dedicated to January 2013 hot subject – Apache Cassandra. Update 1.2 has just been released and it includes many features that will make work with C* even easier. Inside you’ll find everything you want to know about it and much more! Our ‘Real World Cassandra’ section will show you how some of the biggest users of C* implement it.

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Apache Cassandra Revealed

Apache Cassandra Revealed

Content list:

Evolution of Cassandra
by Edward Capriolo
When approached with the concept of writing an article about Cassandra, I thought about how long I have been using it for, and how much it has changed. I distinctly remember the first version of Cassandra I used was 0.6.0 which was released on April 20, 2010.

Interview with Jonathan Ellis
by Stefan Edlich
With the upcoming release of Apache Cassandra 1.2 we’re all curious about the changes and new solutions included in the version. Jonathan Ellis, CTO and co-founder of Datastax, explains what has been tweaked in an interview with Stefan Edlich.

Finding the right solution: Using the right tool for Big Data problems
by Eddie Satterly
In the current landscape of tools out there and the current multitude of problems technology professionals are asked to solve with big data: What is the right solution?

An Odyssey of Cassandra
by Eric Lubow
Not everyone starts out by processing hundreds of millions or even billions of events per day. In fact, most people never get to that point or even have the prospect of getting to that point. But in case you do, there are a few tools and tips to help you ingest, process, analyze, and store all that data.

Apache Cassandra Quick Tour
by Terry Cho
Cassandra is distributed database system. It is donated to Apache open source group by Facebook at 2008.The Cassandra is based on Google Big Table data model and Facebook Dynamo distributed architecture. It doesn’t use SQL and optimized to high scale size of data & transaction handling. Even though Cassandra is implemented with Java language, other language can use the Cassandra as a client. (It supports Ruby, Perl, Python, Scala, PHP etc).

Getting Started with Cassandra, using Node.js
by Russell Bradberry
Although Cassandra is classified as a NoSQL database, it is important to note that NoSQL is a misnomer. A more correct term would be NoRDBMS, as SQL is only a means of accessing the underlying data. In fact, Cassandra comes with an SQL-like interface called CQL. CQL is designed to take away a lot of the complexity of inserting and querying data via Cassandra.

Reporting with Cassandra
by Jose Avila
Quite commonly the need arises to analyze data over time and provide quick and easy access to those statistics via a dashboard. Providing access to real time stats can be difficult as the quantity of data being analyzed grows. This article will cover one potential solution for storing, and querying statistical data with Apache Cassandra for real time report generation.

Cassandra: internal storage
by Sergey Enin
Typically, there are a lot of questions from many developers about how internally Apache Cassandra storage works – what algorithms and data structures are implemented to assure so effective writes and not only writes, but also many others interesting features, so this article describes it.

Improving Cassandra’s Uptime with Virtual Nodes
by Richard Low
Cassandra is designed to run in large clusters where node failure could be a common occurrence. It may be a temporary network failure, or maybe the PSU has failed and someone has to go onsite to fix it. Whatever the cause or length of the issue, Cassandra can cope with the failure and end users will not notice.

COTS to Cassandra
by Christopher Keller
At NASA’s Advanced Supercomputing Center, we have been running a pilot project for about eighteen months using Apache Cassandra to store IT security event data. While it’s not certain that a Cassandra based solution will go into production eventually, I’d like to share my experiences during the journey.

Cassandra in the Real World: Migrating from a legacy database
by Jason Brown
At Netflix, we use Apache Cassandra for nearly all of our production data. However, the road to get to that point so was not simple nor straightforward, and I’d like to share a real world use case of migrating from a legacy RDBMS solution to Cassandra.

Cassandra Performance: An Ops Perspective. C* at
by Martin Cozzi
Being a startup and having grown to 1MM users in less than a month, AW S came as our weapon of choice when it came to trying things out, moving fast and failing even faster. The decision of moving to Cassandra came as we reached the limitation of our current infrastructure, and decided to plan for the worst: a Bieberapocalypse – what would happen if Bieber joined the site and suddenly got millions of followers.

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