CMake, CTest, CPack and CDash – Effective Cross-Plathorm Development Tools

CMake, CTest, CPack and CDash - Effective Cross-Plathorm Development Tools
CMake, CTest, CPack and CDash - Effective Cross-Plathorm Development Tools

CMake, CTest, CPack and CDash – Effective Cross-Plathorm Development Tools

A Study Of Cross Platform Development What, Why and How?
by Krishnachytanya Ayyagar
Today we use highly complex heterogeneous systems developed by us in every basic part of life ranging from personal computers to mobile devices. Each device is built from its own idea of simplifying a problem and is successful in that. Following this we have a very wide range of computing devices with ‘n’ number of operating systems of different architecture. Now the problem is, as a developer; what if we want to develop ONE application that needs to work on all the devices at a time?

CMake, CTest, CPack and CDash: Open Source Tools for Cross Platform Software Development
by Bill Hoffman, Brad King, Will Schroeder
Effective cross platform software development requires cross platform development tools. This article will describe the open source CMake family of tools and how they provide an excellent platform for cross platform C, C++, and Fortran development. The CMake family of tools consists of a build tool called CMake, a testing tool called CTest, a packaging tool called CPack, and a dashboard reporting system called CDash. In the following sections we introduce the basic concepts required to use these tools to implement a robust cross platform development process for any compiled software project.

Devices Everywhere! Possible Implementation
by Manfred Jehle
In the first part “Devices Everywhere” you have seen the whole system to use near field devices for additional services. This concept is based on the idea that each device has only the services needed for the normal service. If the device needs additional services like GPS (global positioning system) data, it can use a service of a near field device – if such a service is implemented.

Interview with Aviv Sharon
by Kimberly Voll
Aviv Sharon is a PR contributor for Wildfire Games, which is an international team of volunteer game developers. Wildfire Games is famous from such projects like: 0 A.D., Rome at War and The Last Aliance.

Crossplatform development with TotalCross
by Guilherme Campos Hazan
TotalCross is a cross-platform development tool, which uses the Java language for coding. It is in the market since 2001, initially targeted for Palm OS, then added Windows CE support, Blackberry, iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android. By following our design guidelines, you can createa single program that runs in all these platforms.

Cocktail, for an open bar community!
by Alex Hoyau
Here’s the story of how very ambitious project: a unique cross-platform UI library, devoted to developing native and web applications for all the displays in use today. This article relates Silex Labs experience in the world of apps and multi-screen. It is intended for developers who believe that ubiquity is always at the expense of performance and system integration.

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