Can I submit an article for Software Developer’s Journal?

Of course, you can. Software Developer’s Journal is open to the external submissions. All that counts when submitting an article is what you know and how well you explain things to others.
Please, read further for more guidelines.

Please read also the information for authors. To find out more (doc / odt).

What kind of articles does Software Developer’s Journal look for?
The idea of Software Developer’s Journal is to give the readers theory through practice. All our articles are written with that in mind, and so should be yours.

So, a good article for Software Developer’s Journal should meet the following demands:

Be based on a practical, working example. If your article is to be more general, about some technology and its advantages for example, remember to:

  • first, describe the advantages
  • then show how it can be used in practice
  • then discuss who can use it
  • then discuss the consequences
  • finally show what else you can do

This will guarantee that your article will be as complete as possible. You can of course iterate this process for every technique or every library for a given technology.
If you’d like to write about some strategies, standards, more business-related issues, this is also a good subject for Software Developer’s Journal, but it has to be approached also through practice. So if you’d like to write about an ISO norm for example, make sure you don’t just copy the official documentation (even using your own words), but you describe an example implementation, step by step. What has to be done, how to do it, what are the risks associated with every step and what are your practical experiences with every step (we assume that if you’d like to write about something like that, you do have practical experiences).
If you’re still wondering if your approach is right, feel free to contact us and just ask. We’re here to help you prepare the best article ever.

What subjects are of interest to Software Developer’s Journal readers?

Well, the subject scope in general is software development seen from the practical point of view. This encompasses:

  • latest techniques
  • security aspects of applications
  • programming bug-free applications
  • methodologies
  • testing
  • management and strategies
  • libraries, languages and tools

These are just some suggestions. If you specialize in something you’d like to write about, just contact us (via e-mail at: and we’ll tell you whether your proposal is good for Software Developer’s Journal, and if so, how to approach it.

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What language should the article be submitted in?

We are the English version of Software Developer’s Journal so we expect articles written in English. Your article might be translated into some other languages, but until it’s ready, you’ll be communicating only with the staff of the English version.
If you’re worried about your English not being good enough, stop worrying. What really matters is that you’re an expert in your field. We have people who will “embellish” your English and make it suitable for all readers. There are many people who know English well, but there are not many people who can write about the things you can write about. Remember that.

Ok, I want to write. How do I start?

Just write us an e-mail

The first step will be to propose a subject you specialize in and you’d like to write about. You don’t have to be the top specialist in the world in this subject (although it’s nice if you are). If you are a student and you have an interesting idea, you can write about it just as well as if you were the top specialist in IT security in world’s largest IT company. What matters is the quality of the article, its completeness, correctness, ease of reading, how interesting and practical it is, etc.

When we agree on the subject (we have to talk first to see whether this subject has been mentioned in the past, whether it’s interesting for our readers, etc.), it is time for the article’s draft. It is to show the article’s structure and the approach to the topic. A good detailed plan is the best way to see what the final article will look like, and a great help for you to write the article afterwards.

When the plan is agreed and accepted, you can start to write the article. When it’s completed, it will be read by our editorial team and you will receive comments and suggestions regarding the possible changes. Then it will also be sent to our betatesting team, which might give you more suggestions how to change or expand the article. Once the paper is betatested and corrected, it will be published and might be translated to other languages and published in other Software Developer’s Journal editions.

Do not hesitate! Write to us!
Software Developer’s Journal