Betatest our Magazine

What is betatesting?

Software Developer’s Journal uses a unique technique to guarantee the highest quality of our articles.
Most magazines prepare the articles using solely the knowledge and experience of an editorial team. SDJ does much more. Our active readers take part in the editorial process as betatesters.
You can become one of them today!

What does a betatester do?

Betatesting Software Developer’s Journal means:
receiving articles at an early stage of production for the review, so you, our most valued readers, can tell us whether the subject is of interest to you, whether it is prepared the way you’d like to read it, etc.
taking active part in many various activities connected with production of SDJ magazine
It’s up to you, how active you are – you have no obligations whatsoever. You can take part when you have time and will to do so. You can simply ignore help requests at the time when you’re too busy with your own stuff.

How to become a betatester?

Becoming SDJbetatester is as simple as signing up for our betatesters list. All you have to do is send an email to the following address with ‘betatesting group’ in the e-mail’s subject:
You will receive a confirmation and will be added to SDJ betatesters list.
Addresses of subscribers are not distributed anywhere else and there is no commercial content distributed to the list.
Please note: This is a betatesting list for English-language articles only. There are other betatesting lists in other languages available on other language websites.

What will you gain?

Active betatesters can expect the following in return for their help:
every issue publishes a list of active betatesters who helped to prepare it, so your name is published as part of the editorial team of the world’s largest Software Developer’s magazine
the most active betatesters become the top betatesters and are published as such
you receive articles much earlier than anyone else and you can take part in adjusting them to your requirements
if you’re still a student, you can show the magazine with your name to your future employer, as a proof that you have been taking part in the editorial process
there is more to come: the more help we receive from you, the more you can expect from us in return, and be sure that we value our betatesters

Is there a catch?

No! You have no obligation, you can take part whenever you want to, you can sign out anytime you wish.
The only thing we ask you to do is to use your full name and surname when writing to the list, either in headers or in the signature, so we can publish your name in the magazine.
So don’t hesitate, sign up now!