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Data Development Gems

R Statistical & Graphical Language – David Guy
Graphics in R – Norman Matloff
Writing fast R Code – Norman Matloff
Parallel R – Norman Matloff
Multi Agent System with R – André Dias
R Data Manipulation – Luciano Selzer
R Graphics: Visualizing Time Series – Joshua Wiley
Regression (Linear Modeling) – Mark Gardener
Crunchbase analysis using MongoDB and R – Anastasiia Kornilova
The Basics of Programming and Statictical Analysis in R – Christopher Steven Marcum
R programming Language – Jennifer Urbano Blackford
R Language Definition – Richard A. Becker
Programming in R – Thomas Girke
Rpython, a package for calling Python from R – Carlos J. Gill Bellosta
Getting Started with R – R. Kent Dybvig
Going Further – R. Kent Dybvig
Records – R. Kent Dybvig
For and the use of vectors in R – Hans Ekbrand
Splitting a dendrogram in non-linear fashion using R – Jaynal Abedin
Using the R language to calculate cause of death co-occurrence – Jim Lemon
Using R in combination with Adobe Illustrator CS6 for professional graphics output – Christoph Scherber
Object, Class and Method in R – Kishor Kumar Dias
Detecting Structural Changes in Time Series Data Using R – Bharat Upadrasta, Prabakar Rajasekaran, Zubin Dowlaty
High Performance Scoring System Using R – Ganesh Moorthy, Nandakishor Koka and Zubin Dowlaty
Tips on Computing With Big Data in R – Lee Edlefsen and Susan Ranney

Data Development GemsData Development Gems - Teaser
Data Development Gems

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