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Differences between HTML4 and HTML 5 – Codersky Extra – HTML5 1/2012

April 10, 2012

Codersky Magazine SDJ Team Comments Off
Differences between HTML4 and HTML 5 - Codersky Extra - HTML5 1/2012

Differences between HTML4 and HTML 5 – Codersky Extra – HTML5 1/2012

Differences between HTML4 and HTML 5
By Anne van Kesteren and Simon Pieters
HTML5 defines the fifth major revision of the core language of the World Wide Web, HTML. “HTML5 differences from HTML4″ describes the differences between HTML4 and HTML5 and provides some of the rationale for the changes. This document may not provide accurate information as the HTML5 specification is still actively in development. When in doubt, always check the HTML5 specification itself.

How to make audio in HTML5?
By Rainforest software solution team
Let’s have something fun to start with. HTML5 is likely to put an end to audio plug-in such as Microsoft Windows Media player, Microsoft Silverlight, Apple QuickTime and the infamous Adobe Flash.

Image in HTML5
By team
Wouldn’t it be great if you could have an image of actor and music legend David Hasselhoff right in the centre of your page?

HTML 5 Tutorial for Web Developers: The Video Element
By Scott Clark
The HTML 5 specification is from being an official specification. In fact, according to developer Ian Hickson, who is actively working on the spec, says it won’t be ready until 2022. That said, the W3C has just released an overview of the vocabulary and associated APIs for HTML and XHTML, and we’ll bring you the details of the video element in this article for web developers.

How to write a small game using HTML5 and JavaScript
By David Cathue
The goal of this tutorial is discovering graphics development using SVG and Canvas (which are two majors technologies of HTML5).
To do so, we will write together a brick breaker game (à la Arkanoïd or Blockout). It will be composed of an animated background (using Canvas) and will use SVG for bricks, pad and ball.

Improving DOM Performance for HTML5 Games
By Louis Stowasser
So you’ve chosen to use the DOM for your game instead of SVG or canvas. Great! Using the DOM is a great all-around solution, and this article will look into four ways to update game objects in the DOM to find which performs best.

Drawing with JavaScript in HTML5 vs ActionScript 3 in Flash
By William Malone
HTML5 introduces an element called a “canvas” on which we can use JavaScript to draw. This offers a quick and easy approach to drawing dynamic content. This article will compare this relatively new (and not yet cross-browser compatible) option for drawing to Adobe Flash’s ActionScript 3. JavaScript and ActionScript have common roots as they are both dialects of ECMAScript.

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