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Debuggers. How do they work? – Software Developer’s Journal

Uploading Multiple Files at Once in a ZIP Archive
David Wees
I am working on a website called Pedagogle.com which is intended to be a file sharing website for educators. The plan is, upload and categorize resources, and if enough people do this, and we have enough resources, then we end up with a website where teachers can go to find resources easily. The problem is that it takes a long time to upload and categorize each file, which leads to frustration from users. So far hardly any files have been uploaded, mostly because I think the process is a bit too difficult for the average teachers, and is definitely too time-consuming.

Sensible Approach to GUI Designing: Part II
Marcin Mosiolek
In the previous part of the article we explained some basic terms and rules of GUI designing.This time we will go a little bit further and get known more principles and take a look at popular frameworks that are widely used on different platforms. Finally we will write a „Hello, World!” application what might be considered as a introduction to Qt course.

Agile Suitability Filters
Mike Griffiths
When to use agile methods? When to not use agile methods? Quite often agile methods are not the best approach for the circumstances. It is tempting to use them, though. So, how to choose? How to decide whether agile methods should be used in a particular project? In this article I will tell you how.

How Debuggers Work
Eli Bendersky
Most developers find debuggers an indispensable part of their toolbox. This article aims to uncover how debuggers themselves work. After reading this article, you’ll be able to implement a simple debugger for Linux.

The Metadata Driven SQL Solution
Michael Coles
What is a metadata-driven solution? It’s essentially a solution in which processing is dynamically directed based on metadata stored somewhere, like in a SQL table.The keys to enterprise class metadata-driven solutions in T-SQL are proper use of dynamic SQL and taking full advantage of SQL Server set-based processing.

Network Protocols in the Internet. Part I
Natasha Kazovskaya
We all know that the foundation of the Internet are protocols. But not many of us fully understands what the protocol is and how it works. In this paper a detailed explanation of the basic level of the protocols will be given.

SPARQL Query in Code Tutorial
John Wright
SPARQL is used to query a semantic web data source. This tutorial explains how to run a SPARQL query in code using a SPARQL endpoint that is live on the web.

CoffeeScript: Accelerated JavaScript Development
Trevor Burnham
For 15 years, programmers have been using only one language to write dynamic web pages. It was JavaScript. Finally, it is time for something new. A very interesting alternative to JavaScript has been presented to web developers – a language, which doesn’t add an extra layer of abstraction or require plugins, that is the CoffeeScript. This new language for programmers provides all of Java-Script’s functionality wrapped in a cleaner, more succinct syntax that encourages use of „the good parts” of the language. A CoffeeScript guru, Trevor Burnham, shows you how to hold onto all the power and flexibility of JavaScript while writing clearer, cleaner, and safer code.


September 17, 2014

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