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Get your Ruby on track with us!

The fresh and new issue of Software Developer's Journal out now!
Software Developer's Journal presents an issue about all things Ruby, with a particular focus on Ruby on Rails framework. Want to know your way around with Ruby and Rails? Read Software Developer's Journal and get your Ruby feed!

Content list:

The Ruby Programming Language: A Pragmatic Overview
by Pedro Mateus Tavares
You’ve probably heard of Ruby by now, it’s been gaining a lot of popularity in the past few years mostly due to its great success in the web development framework called Ruby on Rails. Ruby has also recently entered the mobile scene with a very solid development tool that has been turning a lot of heads.

Develop in the fast lane with Ruby/Rails
by Michael Whittaker & Jürgen Neumann
In this article we point out the benefits of using Ruby in several areas. These benefits can result in an increased productivity for developers and make developing more enjoyable.

RoR, Sinatra, Padrino and Others: The Power of Ruby Frameworks
by Rafal Zdziech
This article is an introduction to the power of Ruby frameworks. It’s not always easy to pick the right framework for the right work, and in case of Ruby there are many frameworks to choose from. A good overview should help you to make the right decision.

Behavior-Driven Development in Ruby, case: Cucumber & Gherkin
by Pekka Ollikainen
First of all, you could say that Behavior-driven development (BDD) is about using natural language as your first step or map of application development process. In terms of software development methods, Behavior-driven development is a variation of Test-driven development (TDD). Whereas in TDD we drive the development of a module by first stating the requirements as unit tests, in BDD you drive that development by first stating the requirements.

Acceptance Testing in Ruby: Getting More from Capybara with PhantomJS & Poltergeist
by Kenneth Kalmer
Capybara has long since won the battle to power our acceptance tests, and we’re all using it with Cucumber and/or RSpec to achieve great results.

Metaprogramming in Ruby
by Anjana Nair
Metaprogramming has been around long before Ruby, but for some programmers it still remains an unsolved mystery. You will see in this article that it is nothing but programming programs to do wonderful things!

Ruby on Rails: Managing multimedia upload and processing
by Ronald Arias
Ruby on Rails is a development framework intended to combine the best practices coming from years of experience in the development field. It’s fast, easy to use and reliable.

New Features in Rails 4
by Caike Souza
The next major version release of the Ruby on Rails web framework is just around the corner. In this article I will go over a couple of the new features coming up in Rails 4 and give you some tips when upgrading existing Rails applications to the
new version.


September 17, 2014

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