SCALA – Acceptance Test Driven Development – Teaser, Download for free!!!

SCALA – Acceptance Test Driven Development - Teaser, Download for free!!!
SCALA – Acceptance Test Driven Development - Teaser, Download for free!!!

SCALA – Acceptance Test Driven Development – Teaser, Download for free!!!

The fresh and new teaser of Software Developer’s Journal out now!

Software Developer’s Journal Teaser, a sneak peak on what you will get next week . Read about new solutions in the teaser of our magazine. Full issue will be available on 19.02.

“More than just SCALA – Teaser” content list:

Dry Scala
by Jon Pretty
What is the motivation for avoiding repetition? A naive view is that good implementation of the DRY principle means fewer lines of code, and thus fewer dark places in which bugs can hide. Perhaps more accurately, having a single source within your program for any piece of information, any rule, algorithm or structure, eliminates the risk that any two sources might be inconsistent. And this is a genuine risk when software – by its very nature – is so changeable, providing frequent opportunities to lose self-consistency, particularly in larger projects.

Static or Dynamic Typing? Why not Both?
by Mario Camou
In this article I will talk about the differences between static and dynamic languages and their relative strengths and weaknesses, and attempt to show that there is no one-size-fits-all solution and that they can peacefully coexist. I will then show some examples of static and dynamic language interoperability on the JVM, concentrating on Scala (on the static side) and JRuby (on the dynamic side). Finally, I will talk about a library called Scuby that I developed in the course of my work to make the interaction between these two easier to work with.

Scala Design Heuristics: A quick guide to design a program in Scala
by Vinicius Miana
Scala is both a functional and object-oriented language, bringing the possibility to mix functional and object oriented design strategies together. With great power, comes great responsibility, this article presents a series of design rationales to help design a Scala program.

Others articles about SCALA You can find in full issue “More than just SCALA”:

Common Hurdles on the Way to Scala by Daniel Sobral
Akka Futures With A Simple Example by Metu Malitar
Behavior Driven Development of a JAX-RS service in Scala by Jordi Pradel
Creating Comet based rich interactive applications with LiftWeb by Ayush
Monads In Scala by Myank Bairagi
Understanding Play Templating In Scala with Twitter Bootstrap by Ruchi Jindal
Acceptance Test Driven Development in Scala by Vikas Hazrati
Scala is like GIT by Sander Mak

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SDJ Scala issue 04-2013SDJ Scala issue 04-2013 - SDJ for free
SDJ Scala issue 04-2013

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