Big Data Solutions and a new Framework – Software Developer’s Journal Open 01/2013

Big Data Solutions and a new Framework - Software Developer's Journal Open 01/2013
Big Data Solutions and a new Framework - Software Developer's Journal Open 01/2013

Big Data Solutions and a new Framework – Software Developer’s Journal Open 01/2013

The fresh and new issue of Software Developer’s Journal Open out now!
Software Developer’s Journal Open, a huge compilation of knowledge on Apache Hadoop, Cassandra and Apache ISIS. Read about old and new solutions on more than 60 pages of the magazine.

Content list:

Introducing Apache Isis™
By Dan Haywood
To stop himself from procrastinating in his work, the Greek orator Demosthenes would shave off half his beard. Too embarrassed to go outside and with nothing else to do, his work got done. We could learn a lesson or two from old Demosthenes. After all, we forever seem to be taking an old concept and inventing a new technology around it (always remembering to invent a new acronym, of course!) – anything, it would seem, instead of getting down to the real work of solving business problems.

Restful Objects On Apache ISIS
By Dan Haywood
So, why REST? Well, REST is becoming a common way to integrate systems and components together, the idea being to have computer systems work together the same way that the world wide web works. In practical terms this almost always means using HTTP as the network protocol, and some sort of markup (analogous to HTML) as the way of representing information. Sometimes (X)HTML itself is used for this representation format, other times some other XML format such as AtomPub or RDF, sometimes a proprietary XML format, most commonly of all is to use JSON. You’ll find that many organizations now provide a RESTful API into their services – Twitter, Google Maps, NetFlix, Amazon, to name just a few.

Grokking the Menagerie: An Introduction to the Hadoop Software Ecosystem
by Blake Matheny
The Hadoop ecosystem offers a rich set of libraries, applications, and systems with which you can build scalable big data applications. As a newcomer to Hadoop it can be a daunting task to understand all the tools available to you, and where they all fit in. Knowing the right terms and tools can make getting started with this exciting set of technologies an enjoyable process.

Hybrid approach to enable real-time queries to end users
by Benoit Perroud
Enhancing the BigData stack with real time search capabilities is the next natural step for the Hadoop ecosystem, because the MapReduce framework was not designed with synchronous processing in mind.There is a lot of traction today in this area and this article will try to answer the question of how to fill in this gap with specific open-source components and build a dedicated platform that will enable real-time queries on an Internet-scale data set.

Getting Started with Cassandra, using Node.js
by Russell Bradberry
Although Cassandra is classified as a NoSQL database, it is important to note that NoSQL is a misnomer. A more correct term would be NoRDBMS, as SQL is only a means of accessing the underlying data. In fact, Cassandra comes with an SQL-like interface called CQL. CQL is designed to take away a lot of the complexity of inserting and querying data via Cassandra.

COTS to Cassandra
by Christopher Keller
At NASA’s Advanced Supercomputing Center, we have been running a pilot project for about eighteen months using Apache Cassandra to store IT security event data. While it’s not certain that a Cassandra based solution will go into production eventually, I’d like to share my experiences during the journey.

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Software Developer's Journal Open 01/2013

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