Developing AI (Steering Behaviors) Using iOS8 Swift SpriteKit – Swift Vector2D

In this tutorial, we begin our study of iOS8 Swift programming with an in-depth overview of Apple’s new language. We go on to define the iOS8 applications that a programming language named Swift can expect to encounter every programming day, the XCode6 parts that you can manipulate.

In this lesson, we are going to dive in the basic operators of Swift programming, thereafter construct a Vector2D class. After this lesson, you will not only be able to understand a Vector2D class but also fully implement its functions.
Estimated lesson time: 2 hours

So, let’s do it!

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In next part, we will introduce SpritKit with fully Vector2D functionalities by Swift.

Zhou Yangbo

Zhou Yangbo

Zhou Yangbo is an Application Software R&D Developer and a Certified Project Management Professional in a wide variety of business and game applications. He is particularly interested in flash and mobile game design, coding and AI implementation using a cross platform solution. Also as a passionate technologist, he is experienced in solutions architecture and service delivery of Big Data for analytics, science, business and enterprise infrastructure solutions. He constantly uses CI/CD to provide continuous integration services and delivery for software development. Specialties: Full Stack engineering, architecture design and implementation. Expertise ranges from business development to production deployment in technologies including Hadoop, Spark, SQL, NoSQL databases, virtualization, dockerlization and data warehouse storage.